Facebook’s latest screw-up unblocked people from users’ blocked lists

A Facebook bug quietly unblocked people that 800,000 of its users had previously blocked

A Facebook bug quietly unblocked people that 800,000 of its users had previously

The bug did not reinstate any Facebook friendships, and the majority of those affected only had one person unblocked.

The bug was live from May 29th until June 5, the company says.

If you block someone on Facebook, you probably want them to... you know, stay blocked. And while someone who was unblocked would have been able to contact via Facebook Messenger the person who'd blocked them, Facebook noted that most people affected did not have this happen to more than one user they'd blocked. Also, the bug would have let these individuals re-add friends who had blocked them from their profile. The bug deleted these "associations", which hit the block lists of Facebook and Messenger for some users. From wanting to "take a break from someone posting content they find annoying" to more serious reasons like harassment and bullying, the blocking feature is deeply important to making Facebook a safe and secure place for its users. By Facebook's own admission: "There are many reasons why people block another person on Facebook". The social networking giant that doesn't consider itself a monopoly has said that a software "bug" unblocked some people who had been blocked by another user.

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People affected by the bug will get notifications encouraging them to check their blocked lists.

It's not on the scale of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but Facebook once again has egg on its face thanks to a privacy problem. Blocked users are also unable to send a friend request to the person who blocked them, while blocked friends are unfriended automatically. Personal and sensitive data of users was scraped by the analytics company which was allegedly used for Trump campaign for the USA presidential polls 2016, among others.

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