Melania visits Arizona migrant shelter as protests mount

First Lady Melania Trump Tours Ariz. Border, Pledges Support For BP Agents

Melania Trump leaves her controversial coat at home to visit Arizona detention facility holding undocumented immigrants

Melania Trump returned to the border Thursday to meet face-to-face with those dealing with her husband's hardline immigration policies firsthand.

Thursday's visits to a migrant center and a school provided Mrs. Trump with indelible images and facts on the perils for families crossing the desert, the challenges for law enforcement and what happens to illegal border crossers and their children when they are caught.

She also got a glimpse of the anger that erupted over the break-up of families due to the crackdown by her husband, President Donald Trump, on migrants at the southern border.

Mrs. Trump visited three classrooms, including one day care room with nine babies or toddlers.

Whether or not Melania Trump deigns to continue her diplomatic and humanitarian visits to the border detention sites, the issue is sure to take on a familiar partisan divide.

A staffer at the facility said the children had been there, on average, 48 days.

The first lady at times deliberately leaves her message unclear. Grisham did reinforce, however, that the First Lady did believe in the rule of law and the fair application of the law equally to all individuals.

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At the Southwest Key facility, the first lady held another roundtable discussion with the organization's employees.

Her clothing choices on Thursday were far less controversial: Melania Trump arrived in Arizona wearing a black sweater and white slacks for her visit with officials and children.

As the press pool was leaving, she could be heard talking about the experience of children separated from their parents: "It's hard to understand where are their parents because of their age".

In Phoenix, she said "Hola!" and gave high-fives to 5-year-olds gluing construction-paper shapes to make pictures of dogs. Upon boarding her flight back to Washington, D.C., FLOTUS was photographed sporting a green jacket with graffiti-style writing on the back that read: "I really don't care, do u?" Director of communications to first lady, Stephanie Grisham, said that the policy towards migrants has changed, so the first lady wants to see change and talk with those whom they affect.

The trip follows a visit last week to the border town of McAllen, Texas, to a shelter for children separated from their parents. Mrs. Trump's spokeswoman said there was no message intended in the jacket.

As Kate Bennett, CNN's first-lady correspondent, noted, protesters in Phoenix awaited the first lady's arrival alongside a large, inflatable replica of President Trump. The first lady's spokeswoman said there had been no hidden message.

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