Dramatic footage released of emaciated Thai boys in cave

Divers make progress in search for 12 boys soccer coach in Thailand cave

Junior soccer team found alive in Thai cave after nine days

Rescuers found all 12 boys and their soccer coach alive deep inside a partially flooded cave in northern Thailand late Monday, more than a week after they disappeared and touched off a desperate search that drew global help. "Now we have given food to the boys, starting with food that is easy to digest and provides high energy", Thai Navy Seal Chief Rear Adm. Aphakorn Yoo-kongkaew told reporters at a news conference on July 3.

The priority now is to give the boys the necessary strength to get out of the cave.

"Power gel and sustenance equipment has been brought.to the team. and we've sent people to keep them company until the transport plan can begin", it said.

"These are challenging conditions and there's a lot of consideration for safety as well as, the environment outside is contributing to the environment inside", said U.S. Air Force Capt. Jessica Tait, part of a 30-member U.S. military team assisting in the search operation, referring to the rain that has been flooding the cave.

The boys were found nine days after they entered the caves in Chiang Rai province following a football training session and became trapped by rising waters caused by heavy rainfall.

One of the boys, noticing the camera and hearing words they don't immediately understand, says in Thai, "Oh, they want to take a picture; tell him we're hungry".

"They are all safe but the mission is not completed", Narongsak Osottanakorn, Chiang Rai governor, explained to the media.

A Thai youth soccer team trapped in a cave by floodwaters may have to wait months before they can be rescued.

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At 10:15 a.m. local time, police took a moment to speak to reporters, offering a few more details as the investigation continues. Shortly after the shooting, a gunman attempted to steal a black Denali SUV in the area, but he was unsuccessful.

After more than a week of around-the-clock searching, rescuers have found the missing 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach.

More than a week after their disappearance, 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a cave in Thailand on Monday in the final development of a rescue mission that has gripped the entire country-and the world-amid the World Cup matches. That could take as long as months, however, given that Thailand's rainy season typically lasts through October. In order to get them out ahead of the bad weather forecast for later in the week, they might need to use diving gear while being guided by professional divers, he said. "As long as the kids know we know where they're at, they have food, a way to keep warm, water or filtration systems and light, it would really be the safest to wait it out", he suggested. "Monday. You have been here - 10 days".

In the meantime, doctors will conduct medical checks on the boys and attempts were being made to set up a phone line for the boys to speak with their parents, Chiang Rai Gov. Narongsak Osotthanakon said.

"We haven't eaten", a boy said in Thai, then in English: "We have to eat, eat, eat!" Even if the boys were taught diving skills, taking them out of the cave would still be risky.

He added that two Thai navy doctors have volunteered to stay with them for months, if needed.

A group of British cave experts located them on Monday night, 10 days after they went missing.

They were found on a rock shelf around 2.5 miles from the mouth of the cave. In the meantime, professional divers are highlighting how hard any rescue would be by battling the hard conditions in order to bring the boys food and medicine. Other efforts include draining water from the cave and exploring the mountainside for shafts and other entrances to the caverns below.

Everything depends on how hard the dives are. Several have been found and explorers have been able to descend into some. Experts from around the world, including the United Kingdom, U.S., China and Australia have also traveled to Thailand to join the rescue effort.

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