Kevin Feige Confirms Doctor Strange Sequel in the Works

Marvel Studios president confirms 'Doctor Strange 2'

Doctor Strange 2 is (pretty much) official, but is still a few years away - now, where's my Time Stone?

Interestingly, in Infinity War, Doctor Strange uses the phrase "end game" in a conversation with Iron Man after giving Thanos the Time Stone. Originally billed as simply Avengers: Infinity War Part II, Marvel instead dropped the name for the follow-up to this year's Marvel Cinematic Universe-shaking blockbuster, stating that it's not so much a second part of a film as it is its own thing.

CinemaBlend breaks the news after sitting with Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, to discuss the release of Ant-Man and The Wasp on July 7 before letting us know what will be next for Stephen Strange. He said that whenever they come up with another odd, it will be a number of years from the first one and he will yet be a big part of Infinity War.

Heck, even Doctor Strange muttered the words "end game" in 'Avengers: Infinity War'. For the most part, the standalone sequels have a higher quality and understanding of the character. But while some fans are skeptical, others looking to convince themselves that they haven't seen the last of their favorite superheroes who were shockingly turned into dust at a snap of Thanos' fingers in the action-filled Avengers: Infinity War, have taken the ball and run with it.

With the recent acquisition of Fox's properties as well that will go through eventually, the world of the MCU is only going to be getting bigger, so it's good to hear that those like Doctor Strange won't be forgotten about with solo films. But because unusual can travel through time, Marvel could always spin Feige's remarks to try to deceive fans.

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"We decided not to do that because that's a bit of a complex idea to try to introduce everything we do introduce and introduce the idea of nightmares themselves as being a dimension, I hope somewhere down the line we do get to explore that because I think that's a super cool concept".

A number of titles for the Avengers sequel have been circulating, including the one Opaloch listed on his site; however, this is the first time a title has been confirmed in any way. You know, '[Thor:] Ragnarok' was four years. So that seems to be maybe okay.

Regardless, with just nine months until the release of Avengers 4, all will be revealed V. soon... But when asked by Entertainment Weekly if there was any more news on Doctor Strange 2, Cumberbatch said: "not at the moment, no".

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