Thunder are angling for seven more seasons of Paul George

Paul George’s Sit-down With Dwyane Wade Suggests He Is Signing With the Lakers

Paul George’s Sit-down With Dwyane Wade Suggests He Is Signing With the Lakers

Paul George wanted to play in Los Angeles, and meant to do so when the summer of 2018 rolled around. Around the league, though, there is skepticism about Oklahoma City's willingness to go quite to this extreme.

The latest in free agency news is that Paul George won't be leaving behind the Oklahoma City Thunder squad this year. George declared that he wanted out of IN with a declared destination of Los Angeles last summer, and OKC traded for him anyway.

Carmelo Anthony had opted last week to remain with the Thunder, which lost to Utah in the first round of this year's National Basketball Association playoffs.

Nothing is official as the teams and players can not formally sign contracts until Friday, July 6.

There are few easy options for the Thunder to cut payroll. One of the main reasons why is contending for a championship. Doing so and filling Singler's roster spot with a player signed for the veteran's minimum would shave almost $15 million off the Oklahoma City tax bill and save the team about $17 million overall. Why trade for a player who will simply leave in a year? Barring an extension, which is possible, he could exercise his option to become a free agent again in the summer of 2021 - and even then he'll just be 31. By the time he arrived around midday - after his flight plan was tracked online - reporters and at least one news helicopter were waiting for the Cleveland Cavaliers star, who made a decision to become an unrestricted free agent and not opt-in to a $35.6 million deal for this coming season. That's why many believed if he did stay in Oklahoma City, it would be in the form of a 1-and-1 deal, similar to the one Kevin Durant recently signed with the Warriors. Teams who might have been scared away by the purple and gold giant waiting in SoCal might find some inspiration in Oklahoma City keeping PG-13.

Redick made $23 million last season. The Thunder's season a year ago was very inconsistent and many don't believe that the team could contend for a championship.

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Yet, to remain competitive moving forward, they had to pay George and they had to pay him now.

That would be bad enough for a small market team like Oklahoma City.

You missed on DeAndre Jordan, so how about.

The success of the Thunder's starting five last season has been a point in favor of Anthony's value to the team.

The 33-year-old averaged 18.6 points and 7.9 assists in 58 regular season games for Houston, but his hamstring injury and absence in the final two games of the Western Conference Finals doomed the Rockets against Golden State.

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