United Kingdom faces water shortages and hosepipe bans in heatwave

Heatwave prompts hose ban in N.Ireland

UK faces water shortages and hosepipe bans in heatwave

Irish Water is backing up these Orders by increasing the number of Call Centre agents to take calls from the public and we will follow up such reports to encourage water conservation measures and to offer technical support, for example advice or support on how to fix leaks.

Last week, Carlisle at its hottest saw temperatures of 30 degrees.

A similar ban - which does not affect businesses - is to be introduced in the greater Dublin area today and will remain in place until the end of the month.

Irish Water announced the ban will come into force from 8am, saying Ireland is trying to "manage with the summer".

Britain is also sweltering during one of the longest spells of hot, sunny weather for years, but a wet spring means most parts of the United Kingdom are not experiencing drought.

In general, there has been an increase in demand of approximately 15 to 20%.

In a further step created to help Severn Trent manage the water network, the council's parks team will avoid drawing any water during the peak morning and evening periods.

As the hot spell is expected to continue this week, communities impacted by the water restrictions are most at risk of the hosepipe ban.

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Now Dublin City Council has responded to the criticism, saying that they were using "canal water" to clean the paths.

According to NI Water, business customers have not been affected by the ban as they rely on water use for their livelihood.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier this week, ICMSA president Pat McCormack commented on the arrangement in place with Irish Water.

Use a washing up bowl - instead of letting the tap run for longer than it needs to, use a washing up bowl - you can reduce wasted water by up to 50%!

Irish Water is tankering water from larger schemes to top up reservoirs where levels are falling.

It is understood that Irish Water can extend the ban if they deem it necessary.

It's calling on customers to reduce their consumption over the weekend - by not using sprinklers and swapping baths for showers.

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