Sony Pictures release entire Khali the Killer film instead of trailer

Bozo At Sony Accidentally Puts Full Movie On You Tube Instead Of The Trailer

Sony Uploads Entire Khali the Killer Movie Instead of the Trailer

I mean, we've all complained when a trailer spoiled the best bit in a film (especially when it's the only good part).

It was titled 'Khali the Killer: Official Red Band Trailer' on YouTube and was obviously meant to offer fans a snapshot of Jon Matthews' crime drama, which was filmed in 2016.

Someone is going to be in the doghouse at Sony Pictures, as they've just made a huge faux pas by uploading an entire film onto YouTube instead of just its trailer.

According to the IMDB, the film is to hit theatres on August 31,2018.

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Sony Pictures Entertainment did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It has reportedly already been released on DVD and Blu-ray in the Netherlands. It was live on YouTube for around eight hours before it was removed. The film, which centers around a hitman who decides to take one final job before retiring, was shown in theaters in August, then making its way to DVD in November of past year.

The movie, released on DVD by Sony's Home Entertainment label previous year, stars Richard Cabral as a hitman whose job is ruined when he develops empathy for those he's supposed to knock off. But when he begins to develop empathy for his intended targets, he's confronted with a hard decision.

One reviewer said: "He's a hit-man".

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