Immigration top issue for US voters, economy a close second: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez celebrated Tuesday after beating longtime Bronx Rep. Joseph Crowley in a primary election seen as a challenge to the Democratic Party leadership

ICE names new acting director amid immigration turmoil

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"President Trump seems to think that the only way to have immigration rules is to rip parents from their families, is to treat rape victims and refugees like terrorists and to put children in cages", Sen.

"Referring to Schwab's description of the statements in question, ICE spokeswoman Liz Johnson told CNN, 'We disagree with Mr. Schwab on this issue and dispute his characterization".

Democratic Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke has resisted pressure to jump on the "Abolish ICE" train, but the congressman fell short of taking the idea entirely off the table during a recent interview with KUT-FM.

Housed within the Department of Homeland Security, ICE is in charge of executing hundreds of federal immigration statutes.

"When we have an 'infestation" of MS-13 GANGS in certain parts of our country, who do we send to get them out? ICE! Prior to that, from 1933 to 2003, ICE's current task was handled by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS.) But that changed after 9/11 when the federal government was reorganized to deal with the threat of terrorism.

O'Rourke: First and foremost, Congress has to take up the responsibility of rewriting our immigration laws to reflect the reality on the ground, to reflect our interests, to reflect our values.

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Be proactive - Use the "Flag as Inappropriate" link at the upper right corner of each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Sixty percent (92 percent of Republicans, 39 percent of Democrats, and 54 percent of independents) supported the barriers, while 40 percent did not.

Looking for news you can trust? But the Trump administration has shifted its focus to wider crackdowns on anyone, even without serious criminal records, who had entered or stayed in the country illegally, including many decades-long residents with spouses who are us citizens. "We are a major country with major borders".

Philadelphia police said approximately 75 people participated in the protest. They want everyone to come together - they want comprehensive reform.

Abolishing ICE might be popular among the radical Left, but it is a platform unlikely to win votes among the majority of hard-working Americans.

O'Rourke: I mentioned the millions more who are working the most backbreaking, the toughest, the crappiest jobs in this country that no person born in the United States of America is willing to take right now.

Sanders criticized the separations policy, the lack of protections for undocumented people who arrived in the country as children, and the practice of deporting people who have lived in the USA for a long time. "There are multiple businesses in this building so we have to make sure these entrances are kept open". In a letter to the homeland security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, earlier this week, 19 HSI agents expressed concern that Donald Trump's hardline crackdown on undocumented migrants has made it harder for them to conduct effective investigations into significant national security issues.

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