Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion Pummels Previous Record

WikiCommons via user TheCulinaryGeek

WikiCommons via user TheCulinaryGeek

It will also be interesting to see if Chestnut can break the record he set past year when he ate an astounding 72 hot dogs - buns included - in just 10 minutes.

(He's probably not feeling so good today, though.) The top women's competitor, for the fifth year in a row, was Miki Sudo, who ate a total of 37 hot dogs and buns.

The reigning women's hot dog eating champion, Miki Sudo. couldn't care less about getting equal coverage as men, she just wants the bread - and we mean money, not buns.

The construction manager turned pro eater doesn't just devour hot dogs - he now holds 40 eating records for everything from apple pies to burritos.

"I feel like I can do it". "Joey said, 'Look at my plates, ' and Carmen said, 'Look at my plates.' We counted the plates that they had eaten and it was 64 and 74".

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In 2016, Chestnut regained his title, eating 70 hot dogs.

This is a developing story; check back for updates and get the PIX11 News app to stay informed all day. But then in 1991, Frank Dellarosa destroyed 21.5 hot dogs, becoming the first person to eat 20 or more hot dogs at the event. The 26-year-old also has set an array of competitive eating world records, including 25 Big Macs in five minutes, and a hefty 22 pounds of poutine in 10 minutes at a competition in Toronto three years ago.

Still, she easily beat out second-place finisher Mischelle Lesco of Tuscon, Arizona, who chowed down 28 wieners and buns. The prize money, as in years past, is $10,000 for the first place victor.

As crowds donning hot dog hats packed Coney Island, Chestnut alternated between shoving two hot dogs and two buns into his mouth for the duration of the competition.

Announcers attributed the generally lower scores this Fourth of July to the high heat and humidity. Thomas' record is 45, but she managed 30 previous year.

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