JK Rowling, Merriam-Webster Troll Donald Trump Over Tweet

The POTUS is no stranger to public gaffes

The POTUS is no stranger to public gaffes

J.K. Rowling had a savage response to Trump's claim on his writing abilities.

J.K. Rowling is laughing at US President Donald Trump on Twitter after he misspelled a word in a tweet boasting about his writing prowess. "I capitalise certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalised!"

Rowling, known for her bestselling Harry Potter novels couldn't control her laughter over Trump's tweet as she replied with a continuous "hahaha" in her tweet.

The obvious mistake in his tweet is obviously his confusion over the words "pore" and 'pour.' Though the POTUS fixed the tweet, the error was well-noted.

Other Twitter users pointed out the glaring mistake, including filmmaker and author James Gunn and Merriam-Webster Dictionary's official account.

Just as America was celebrating its 242nd Independence Day, the great nation realised it's not totally free from its President's tweets.

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But Trump made an error in his boast, using the word "pour" instead of "pore".

While they were at it, people called out Trump for his "best selling books".

Trump soon deleted his original tweet and posted a corrected version.

The tweet mysteriously disappeared shortly after it was posted, and was replaced with a almost identical message - with one glaring change.

Rowling wasn't the only one to poke fun at Mr Trump.

She even commented that Trump didn't write his books, as a ghostwriter came forward - suggesting that he's taking credit where credit is not due. The president pushed back against that claim, saying Schwartz was only a co-author. Rowling's successive "haha" tweets went on to show that the author has no love for Trump, whom she hailed as the "Gratest Writer on earth".

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