Apple Music might have overtaken Spotify and have more paying USA subscribers

Apple Music on phone

Major music distributor says Apple Music now has more US paying subscribers than Spotify

Globally, however, Spotify is still in the lead with over 160 million subscribers. That steady increase was partly attributed to the number of Apple devices that include Apple Music-specific features. Citing a source said to be a US-based distributor, Digital Music News claims that it has seen a report which details the latest figures of several music streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify. Apple Music, however, is "a hair ahead", which is not a surprise.

In regard to on-demand music streaming services, the report says both Apple Music and Spotify now have more than 20 million subscribers in the US, with Apple just "a hair ahead" with "20 million plus" members. Overall, Apple Music has garnered over 45 million subscribers across the globe, with an additional 5-10 million estimated users listening with free trials.

Their Apple Music streaming service, in particular, has skyrocketed over the past few months.

Additionally, the new data projects that Apple Music will widen the distance between Spotify in the coming months.

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This report comes from Digital Music News, which cites an unnamed major music distributor in the U.S. as the source of these claims.

While the gap between the two leaders is now very small, it is expected to widen over the coming months as Apple is enjoying explosive growth in the US.

It's not entirely clear why Apple is beating Spotify in the United States - it could be mere brand loyalty - but it will be interesting to see how this corporate rivalry progresses in the coming months.

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