Company Fires White Man Who Called Cops On Black Woman Using Pool

UPROXX  Jasmine Edwards  Facebook

UPROXX Jasmine Edwards Facebook

After this, the officer asked if he could borrow her pool card to demonstrate to Bloom that it was valid. Bloom, who served as the chairman of the pool, responds that he asks residents to see their identification "a couple times" each week.

A video of the incident, which was posted on Facebook by Edwards, has gone viral, receiving more than 4.3 million views at the time of writing. After Edwards became angry because he asked for ID, the attorney said, Bloom called police "to make sure that the interaction didn't escalate".

"They kind of make their way around sometimes... but that's good enough for me today", Bloom told the authorities.

'What can I charge against him for racial profiling?!

Bloom resigned Thursday as the "pool chair" and a board member from the homeowners association of Glenridge, his community in Winston-Salem. Bloomed refused to apologize. An officer apologized to her.

The video suggests that the white man called police on a black woman and her son because he wanted to verify they had proper access to the pool. When Edwards asked Bloom for an apology, he walked away. "The well-documented incident, which involves activities at a neighborhood pool, does not reflect the core values of our company, and the employee is no longer employed by the company in any respect", Sonoco said in a statement.

The company that Adam Bloom worked for, Sonoco Products, released a statement in new release and via Twitter the he was no longer an employee with the company.

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The video comes about a week after a white woman was accused of attacking a black teenager at a SC pool, after telling him he and his friends "did not belong and they had to leave".

Vermitsky said Bloom resigned from his neighborhood positions to limit negative publicity, and not because he did anything wrong.

"We are aware of a bad incident involving the actions of one of our employees outside the workplace", the statement said, adding that the "employee is no longer employed by the company in any respect".

Last month Alison Ettel called police on an eight year-old black girl selling bottles of water outside AT&T Park in San Francisco. "Under my command the women and men of the Winston-Salem Police Department consistently attempt to resolve incidents while maintaining respect for all persons involved". "And so my goal here is to give you better expression of my full view as a person, and express my honest regret for the actions that I took that day".

"We sincerely regret that an incident occurred yesterday at our community pool that left neighbors feeling racially profiled", the association's statement said. "The pool chair escalated a situation in a way that does not reflect the inclusive values Glenridge seeks to uphold as a community", the association wrote in its statement.

Winston-Salem Police Chief Catrina Thompson commended officers for getting the situation resolved, adding that when police are called, officers are there to identify the issue - not to take sides.

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