North Korea attacks 'gangster-like' US

Pompeo seeks clarity in denuclearization talks with NKorea

North Korea: Talks with Pompeo 'regrettable'

A key aim of Mr Pompeo's two days of talks was to firm up North Korea's commitment to denuclearisation.

A spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry complained that the US wanted complete nuclear disarmament without offering anything in return, according to a statement release through the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has delivered a dose of harsh reality to Donald Trump, bashing hopes for a quick denuclearization deal in a pointed rebuke to the president's top envoy while accusing the US of making "gangster-like" demands.

Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency said Saturday the USA delegation led by Pompeo will take part in high-level talks for carrying out agreements between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un following their summit last month in Singapore.

He admitted "there's still more work to be done" in other areas. The countries also agreed to create working groups that will be overseen by Sung Kim, the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines who's handled some lower-level discussions, to work out what State Department spokeswoman called the "nitty gritty details" of future talks.

Pompeo said North Korean leadership remained "equally committed" to the goal of denuclearization discussed with Trump during last month's historic summit in Singapore.

In Tokyo, Pompeo briefed his Japanese and South Korean counterparts on the talks, and sought to reassure them that the dialogue with North Korea would continue.

But Pompeo on Saturday did not directly answer some questions from reporters about how that process is going, after NBC News reported that North Korea is expanding some nuclear test sites.

Pompeo's now in Tokyo, where he will brief officials from Japan and South Korea on Sunday.

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However, in another twist of approach towards Kim - who Trump once called "Little Rocket Man" - the United States administration renewed its sanctions on North Korea for another year.

Mr. Trump hailed this as a successful resolution of the crisis, but the short joint statement was not a detailed roadmap to disarmament and it fell to Mr. Pompeo to follow up and put meat on the bones of the sparse commitment.

While insisting again that the talks were moving forwards, he stressed that nothing had happened to merit a relaxation of the tough sanctions imposed on the North over its nuclear missile programme.

"We did have very serious discussion on very important matters yesterday", Kim said.

"When we spoke to them about denuclearisation, they did not push back", Mr Pompeo told a news conference.

"We had anticipated the USA side would come with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return", said the statement.

Pompeo added that the USA and world powers would maintain economic sanctions against North Korea until full denuclearization was achieved.

The US is also seeking to repatriate the remains of American soldiers missing in North Korea for nearly 70 years.

"Pompeo appears to have presented the North Koreans with some demands and requirements for real moves towards denuclearization, as opposed to the symbolic steps and empty language Pyongyang has been using so far".

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