Google Duplex could soon take over call centres

"Hello? Duplex? This is Duplex

Google, though, has since issued a denial that it's working on any "enterprise" use cases for Google Duplex, and for the time being is concentrating on a limited number of consumer uses - booking appointments at hair salons and restaurants, for example.

The idea for use in a call center setting or with that insurance company would be a version of what we've already seen Google doing with Duplex - namely, fielding simple calls and requests and passing things off to a human if things get more complicated. Google says the main objective of Duplex is to use AI to call businesses on your behalf.

IF talking to call centre drones wasn't irritating enough, Google has announced plans to robotise them. "It's important that we get the experience right both for people and for businesses, and we're taking a slow and measured approach as we incorporate learnings and feedback from our tests", the spokesperson said. Google wowed people with its demo of Duplex that included the AI assistant inserting "um" and "uh" sounds to make the conversation seem more fluid.

Google's Duplex AI is part of its DeepMind project.

Amazon offers a similar service, opening Alexa's underlying technology to enterprise customers previous year.

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Duplex AI is being eyed by call center operators as the first line of assistance for customer inquiries.

However, Google has come under fire over Duplex's ethical implications. Testing, they note, is still in the early stages, and the system is several months from going live. The API can be used to transcribe a customer's call and distinguish 2-4 speakers, while taking into account background noise, static, and hold music.

We've been seeing the natural-language abilities of the Google Assistant continuously evolve over the years, slowly getting better at listening to us and responding.

TO BELIEVE? According to The Information's sources, at least one large insurance company has already expressed interest in using Duplex to handle customer service callss. A new report from The Information states that the company is aiming for the technology to make its way to call centers as well. Suddenly the world was anxious that people in the future would not know whether they were talking to humans or machines.

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