'Appreciate your allies, you don't have many:' EU's Tusk to Trump

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"Prior presidents saw America's allies as enhancing US power and really enabling the United States in being the global leader that it has been for so long, especially compared to China and Russian Federation, which have very few allies", said Goldgeier. The most high-profile departure so far was that of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who quit the government Monday while criticizing May's plan for a "soft" Brexit that would retain a close relationship with the European Union, saying the proposal would reduce Britain to the "status of a colony".

According to an internal European Union memo obtained by Bloomberg and using BEA figures, when including trade in goods, trade in services and primary income from investments, the USA has a 12 billion-euro surplus with the EU.

"The US doesn't have and won't have a better ally than the EU".

"NATO countries must pay MORE, the United States must pay LESS".

They agreed to be "guided" by "considerations" to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense by 2024. Trump complimented Johnson on Tuesday as he spoke with reporters, stating he'd been "very nice" and "very supportive" prior to resigning. "And on top of that, we spend at least 70 percent for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation". As Winston Churchill wisely once said, "There is at least one thing worse than fighting with allies - and that is to fight without them".

During the president's seven-day tour through Europe, he plans to stop in Helsinki on July 16 for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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On another front, Trump has connected the defense issue with trade, criticizing Europe for a $150 billion trade surplus (though it can also be calculated as $100 billion) and trade barriers.

Backing away from United States global responsibilities, shared with other countries, would require not just that Trump use the powers conferred on the presidency.

The enduring image of May's visit to the White House in January 2017, when she became the first foreign leader to meet the president after he took office, was Trump taking May's hand to help her down the steps of the White House colonnade. America's allies will pay close attention to his every word and seek strong reassurances that the United States will continue to play a leading role in the critical alliance. "We are being taken advantage of by the EU. Europe far more than it does the U.S".

Speaking about solidarity, I want to dispel the American President's argument, which says that the USA alone protects Europe against our enemies, and that the U.S. is nearly alone in this struggle.

Asked on ITV's Good Morning Britain programme if he would have endorsed a 20ft blimp of himself as a pig or Barak Obama in a nappy, he added: "Let me answer that directly".

The G-7 world leaders' meeting in Canada last month ended in tumult when Trump suddenly retracted his endorsement of the group's final joint statement after his departure and railed against Trudeau by midflight tweet en route to Singapore for his summit with Kim, a meeting that critics said legitimized Kim on the world stage without securing a clear pathway to the denuclearization.

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