How to download iOS 11.4.1 to your iPhone and iPad

How to use USB Restricted Mode on your iPhone or iPad

Apple releases iOS 11.4.1 with USB Restricted Mode

The researchers have spotted that it can be compromised using Apple's native Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter that is available at $39 (roughly Rs. 2,700).

Today, the company released iOS 11.4.1, watchOS 4.3.2, and tvOS 11.4.1 to the general public. macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra is still listed as being in beta.

What USB Restricted Mode does is to block data communications over the Lightning port an hour after the iPhone or iPad was last unlocked. USB Restricted Mode will be optional, of course; users can enable or disable it via their device's settings menu. If you have accessories that you want to continue working after your iPhone has been sitting locked, you can actually toggle the option on to remove the one hour limit. The trick, then, is to attach a USB accessory to the port as soon as possible after stealing (or seizing) the iPhone, in order to stop it from locking down. However, it turns out that there was an oversight in security, meaning that USB Restricted Mode can be bypassed by a simple accessory that Apple sells itself.

"What we discovered is that iOS will reset the USB Restrictive Mode countdown timer even if one connects the iPhone to an untrusted USB accessory", Afonin said.

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Elcomsoft engineer Oleg Afonin noted that testing showed that once USB Restricted Mode kicks in, there is no obvious way to break it. Prior to iOS 11.4.1, isolating the iPhone inside a Faraday bag and connecting it to a battery pack would be enough to safely transport it to the lab.

iOS 11.4.1 is mostly bug fixes, reports 9to5Mac, but it does make the Find My AirPods feature more reliable. The Grayshift boxes plug into the Lightning port and remove prolonged delays between PIN code attempts, allowing law enforcement (or criminals) to brute-force an unlock.

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