Doug Jones among Democrats facing pressure from Supreme Court ad campaigns

Federal appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a longtime judge and former clerk of retiring Justice Kennedy

Federal appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a longtime judge and former clerk of retiring Justice Kennedy

John McCain of Arizona, nearly every vote matters.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday rattled off topics Kavanaugh might have to rule on as a Supreme Court justice. At the same time, several democratic senators are facing re-election in more conservative states and will be faced with the choice of supporting their party or having to defend a vote against the president to a constituency that largely supports him.

American Bridge, a liberal political action committee that raised almost $20 million in the last election, reportedly sent one of its political researchers to the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas this week to comb through its voluminous archives for any troubling information about Kavanaugh's five years as a staff secretary and aide to the former president.

Al Kauffman, a professor at St. Mary's University School of Law, said Kavanaugh has a pretty good chance at getting confirmed based on his qualifications, but it will be a very close vote.

Take the issue of abortion, which was a key issue in Jones' upset victory and it's gearing up as a key issue in Kavanaugh's impending nomination.

According to a 2017 Pew survey, a majority of Catholics - 53 percent - believe that abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Women lead most of the major Democratic resistance groups, coordinated the major anti-Trump protests and are running for office in record numbers at all levels of government.

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The Women's March responded to the criticism, saying in a tweet, "Senator Graham is right".

The opposite is true of Republican Sen. There are three women - one of whom is Latina - and an African-American, Justice Clarence Thomas. Democrats, eager to dig into everything Kavanaugh may have played a role in - or even seen - want every document they can get, a number Senate aides say is likely in the millions. Kay Cole James, president of the Heritage Foundation, said Trump "has selected yet another highly-qualified individual who, like Neil Gorsuch, will be impartial, fair, and principled".

The Trump administration, which might have been expected to defend the ACA because defending federal law is part of what the Justice Department is tasked to do, opted instead, in this case, to follow a different course of action. During confirmation to a lower court, he promised to be deferential to the precedent. The Supreme Court motivates the right more than the left.

Multiple Republicans voting against confirmation would also change things, since that would give all Senate Democrats an excuse for opposing confirmation. Even four-in-10 Democrats supported her. "Don't defame him for living a life most of us would be proud of", Graham said. The case went to the Supreme Court, which voted 5-4 to stop the recount and ultimately allowed Bush to become president. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, said he would oppose whoever the chief executive chose. Sen.

Democrats are going to build a grandstand from which they will try to block the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sixteen percent said that their vote isn't relevant to Trump and his policies.

"We've got a few Democrats on Justice Gorsuch and we're hopeful that we'll have a few of them on this nomination as well", McConnell said during his weekly press availability. In a Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll last month, 63 percent of Democrats rate their interest level as a "9 or 10" on a 10-point scale; only 47 percent of Republicans do the same. Montana was about equivalent to the rest of the US's abortion views when asked in 2014 with 54% of Montanans saying abortion should be legal in some or all cases compared to 55% of the USA at large. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen.

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