In Brussels, Trump Attacks Germany & NATO Secretary

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit

Donald Trump has said his upcoming summit with Putin"may be easier than his imminent visit with Theresa May. But will it? Credit Evan Vucci AP

"Many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money from many years back, where they're delinquent as far as I'm concerned, because the United States has had to pay for them".

"When Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia", Trump said to Stoltenberg.

"You know, we're protecting Germany, we're protecting France", Trump said. Trump asked. "When we stand together, also in dealing with Russian Federation, we are stronger", Stoltenberg replied.

Ultimately, Germany will have nearly 70% of their country controlled by Russian Federation with natural gas.

"How can you make that point with the little evidence that you have and the fact that there is no alternative planning on the table?" she said. So you tell me, is that appropriate?

NATO's Stoltenberg later told reporters that Trump had used "very direct language" but that all North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies were agreed that the cost of defense spending must be spread around and that previous year had seen the biggest increase in a generation.

Germany has been a frequent target for Trump, who accuses the EU's largest economy of not spending enough on defence and freeloading on the back of the United States.

"They will spend more", he later predicted.

And with that, he went on to push allies at the summit to double their commitment on defence spending.

Sanders added: 'President Trump wants to see our allies share more of the burden and at a very minimum meet their already stated obligations'.

U.S. President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a bilateral meeting during the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium July 11, 2018.

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Trump has long fueled such criticisms.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose country also lags on the two percent pledge, said the focus should be on "outputs" rather than on how much is spent. Germans wouldn't agree with that.

During a heated breakfast meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg Wednesday, Trump said Germany pays billions of dollars to Russian Federation and "we have to defend them against Russian Federation".

"Instead, President Trump just insults friends who have sacrificed to hold that pressure together".

The comments will have made for uncomfortable viewing for the rest of Nato's 29 members, whose officials have voiced fears that Mr Trump could undermine the alliance during the gathering.

"We're having a great meeting", Mr. Trump told reporters.

He said they were discussing military spending and trade.

Merkel, for her part, called the two nations "good partners" and said "we wish to continue to co-operate in the future".

Numerous issues are not new; former President Barack Obama, who enjoyed a close relationship with Merkel, was critical of the German export surplus, its defense spending and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with Russian Federation.

The president wanted to know why the US was continuing to pay money to the group when some countries in the alliance are buying energy from Moscow. Several experts explained that the president was likely referring, albeit incorrectly, to the commitment to devote 2 percent of GDP to defense spending.

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