'I'm a little surprised': Theresa May's reply to Boris Johnson's resignation

Jack Taylor  Getty Images David Davis

Jack Taylor Getty Images David Davis

May's government was rocked Monday by the resignations of Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis.

While the new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has said that the paper will respect the result of the European Union referendum, Theresa May still faces a possible rebellion from hardliners within her party, many of whom see the proposals as compromising Brexit. But Davis's resignation has plunged the party into chaos once more, and it is now odds-on (4/7) that May will have to defend her position as leader this year. However, the jolt has come at an inopportune moment as Britain is engaged in crucial negotiations with European officials to hammer out a deal ahead of an EU summit in Europe.

"The government is committed to agreeing a close future relationship on financial services and a bilateral solution that preserves the mutual benefits of integrated markets whilst protecting financial stability", the ministry said in a statement.

The US ambassador has said he will set up a meeting for Donald Trump with Britain's former foreign secretary Boris Johnson should the president wish to see him on his visit to the UK. The cold realities of business opportunities, and not historic nostalgia, will decide India's future engagements with the UK.

The plan has unleashed a rebellion by Brexit hardliners who fear it may prevent Britain from concluding free-trade agreements with third countries and effectively turn the country into a "vassal state" or "colony" of the EU.

This week she's had two high-profile departures from her Cabinet but it's more than just missing Boris Johnson and David Davis that she needs to be anxious about.

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But the ex-MSP said the PM is the "best person to deliver Brexit", adding he had not considered writing a letter calling for a vote of no confidence.

"It needs to be about the actual countries, with elected governments that need to get prosperity and jobs and trade if those politicians want to get re-elected", he said.

Failure to agree would see Britain leave the European Union without a deal, with the risk of huge economic disruption on both sides of the Channel.

While the theatre for prosecuting this new diplomatic virtual war to reacquire independence for Britain was the European Union headquarters in Brussels, it has now spread its tentacles to Westminster, to the Labour Party, the DUP coalition partner, Conservatives, the media, the business community, and the people themselves who conducted a million-people march against Brexit through the streets of London recently.

Fallon warned Conservative rebels that a challenge to May's leadership is "the last thing we need".

"I'm pleased David Davis has resigned, I'm pleased that Boris has made a decision to step aside and I think this Prime Minister needs to go". "But the United Kingdom certainly has a lot of things going on", he said. Memories of last year's disastrous campaign are fresh in the mind and if that isn't enough of a put-off, then the looming presence of Jeremy Corbyn, truly anathema to those in the Conservative Party, is enough to keep them glued together for as long as is possible.

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