UK's Brexit strategy may hit plans for free trade pact with India

Dylan Martinez

Key points of Britain's plan for post Brexit ties with EU

But Trump poured cold water on May's offer.

Following talks with the Prime Minister at Chequers, Mr Trump revealed he apologised to Mrs May over his interview with the Sun, in which he claimed he would have carried out Brexit negotiations "much differently" and said the Prime Minister had ignored "advice" he offered her.

Mr Khan said it was preposterous for Mr Trump to blame a rise in violent crime in the city on immigration."The idea that you can blame this on immigration from Africa is, I think, preposterous, and we should call him out when he does so", Mr Khan told BBC Radio yesterday. In denying a query from CNN anchor Jim Acosta, Trump said that "CNN is fake news".

"If they do that, then their trade deal with the USA will probably not be made". "This is an incredible opportunity for our two countries and we will seize it fully".

Trump, who has compared the June 2016 referendum in which a majority of British voters supported leaving the European Union to his own election that year, accused May of abandoning British voters with her Brexit plans. "It was not the deal that was in the referendum", Trump said.

President Donald Trump denied Friday that he criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May, the day after a British tabloid published an interview with him in which he did just that. "Standing beside her today, he told a very different story".

Trump may be referring to his past feud with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has been outspoken about his disapproval of Trump's visit. May and added: "I also said that this incredible woman, right here, is doing a fantastic job, a great job".

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"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad", he said. "She said: "Don't worry, it's only the press".

A trade deal with the USA is supposed to be the big prize of Brexit, with its potential for largely compensating for the economic loss that would ensue by exiting the European Single Market.

"Let's go to a real network", the president added, pointing to John Roberts of Fox News Channel. However, under the blue skies of the Chequers' garden, he said their relationship was "the highest level of special".

Trump also issued a warning to the European Union, telling it to "be very careful" of increasing immigration into the region, as he described a global backlash to migration. "And when I say that I am talking about government because the people of the United Kingdom agree with me".

GMB/status/1017669404115587077?"Of course we stand shoulder to shoulder in adversity, and it was really comforting when Americans sent messages of support when we had terrorist attack previous year", Khan said, "but when we think you're wrong we should say you're wrong - that's what a special relationship is all about".

Donald Trump has tried to backtrack on his criticism of Theresa May's Brexit plans - but has instead confirmed the fears of many Tory MPs over the policy.

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