5 things to know about Tesla's China plans

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Tesla loses US subsidies as it hits 200,000 sales mark

Indeed, in the days leading up to Musk's announcement, the Reuters news service quoted three current Tesla employees who indicated the company was running well short of its 5,000 target.

Tripp complaint filed with the SEC includes accusations that the former Tesla employee has disclosed to the press before: Tesla overstated to investors the number of Model 3 vehicles being produced each week by as much as 44%; batteries with puncture holes were installed into Tesla vehicles; and the company systematically reused scrap and waste parts in vehicles.

And shortly after the launch of the Model S in 2013, Musk stopped production and almost sold Tesla to Google because of financial difficulties.

Tesla is the first vehicle manufacturer to hit the threshold in the U.S., and the end of subsidies could slow sales as the company ramps up production of. CEO Elon Musk, for one, noted on Twitter that the Model 3, while newer than the Model S, is not a superior vehicle. The possible answer was provided by the Shanghai government.

"I think that you'll see something similar to what they did in Nevada, with a partner like Panasonic", said Mr Kallo, referring to the gigafactory that Tesla and its Japanese battery-cell supplier operate along near Reno.

Therefore, China is the largest overseas market for electric vehicles.

Musk said the plant, which has been in the works for a year, would eventually have an annual production capacity of 500,000 cars, and he hoped it would be "completed very soon". The category - which includes battery-powered, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell automobiles - reached 777,000 units a year ago and could surpass one million sales in 2018, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. With this in mind, this newest batch of Model 3 filings, provided that the cars do get delivered this third quarter, could definitely help Tesla's profitability goals this Q3 2018.

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China has forced foreign automakers to partner with a local company in order to enter the market.

The clock is ticking for Tesla customers looking for incentives on their auto purchase.

Additionally, Tesla is gaining popularity in China.

Ramping up manufacturing in Fremont first is critical to Tesla being able to sustain itself financially.

In May 2016, Musk estimated that the company would make 100,000 to 200,000 Model 3s during the second half of 2017.

Musk last month announced that Tesla will lay off 9 per cent of its workforce to show that it can be profitable after being unable to move into the black so far in the 15 years since it was founded.

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