Four-mile-long iceberg breaks off from Greenland glacier


Greenland Village Evacuated As Giant Iceberg Approaches, May Create Tsunami

Low-lying areas of a village in northwestern Greenland remain evacuated as villagers and local authorities monitor a vast iceberg for signs it could move closer or break apart, threatening the remote settlement.

Professor David Holland from New York University, an expert in atmospheric and ocean science, said it was "largest event" seen in over a decade in the country, describing it as a "very complex, chaotic, noisy event".

Denise Holland of New York University's Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, who was collecting data about sea-level change from climate change, took video of the event June 22.

The video, which is 20 times faster than real time, shows 3% the annual ice loss of Greenland occuring in 30 minutes.

An iceberg near the village Innarsuit, on the northwestern Greenlandic coast, July 12, 2018.

Village council member Susanna Eliassen told local broadcaster KNR at the time that although residents were used to big icebergs, "we haven't seen such a big one before".

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The Innaarsuit island settlement on Greenland's west coast has been advised of the danger of the iceberg calving, with a search-and-rescue helicopter deployed now close to the community. Large icebergs have been seen close to the community before, but villagers say this is the biggest they've ever encountered.

A massive iceberg is looming near a tiny village in Greenland.

Authorities have been keeping a close eye on the lumbering iceberg and say it's moved some 600 yards to the north since being lodged.

Hog has spent a lot of time researching the village, which is now in danger from the iceberg, and says that it increases the risk of potential tidal waves or floods.

In north-western Greenland previous year, four people died when the landslide resulted in tsunami which had engulfed several houses.

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