Hero Aussie diver's emotional Thai cave rescue note

Three of the twelve boys thank their rescuers from their hospital beds

Three of the twelve boys thank their rescuers from their hospital beds

Those handprints were among the first signs of where the boys were, what they had done to escape the floods, and what dangers rescuers would face in their mission to save the boys and their coach.

Earlier this week, members of the soccer team told family members the boys only meant to be inside the cave for one hour, but were forced to run deeper into the cave when fast-moving water started flowing in.

Family members no longer need to wear surgical masks when staying with the boys, and they can now stay at their bedsides instead of only being able to view them from afar through glass - a protection against infection instituted in the first days after their rescue.

Mr Challen said the boys were medicated to the extent "they didn't know what was going on".

The announcement of their discharge came the same day that two new videos were released in which the rescued expressed their gratitude and said they were well.

Dr Harris described the operation as a "pretty incredible experience".

The story is already set for a retelling by Hollywood, with two production companies looking to put together movies about the boys and their daring rescue. I miss you. From now on when I wake up.

The whole world breathed a huge sigh of relief when the 12 school boys and their assistant coach were pulled out of the flooded cave in Thailand completely unharmed, bringing an end to the near three-week ordeal that spurred an global rescue effort.

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"No worries", Dr Harris is heard replying.

The father of 14-year-old Ekkarat Wongsukchan said the coach dived into the water to see their circumstances once they became trapped, and drew arrows on the cave wall so no one became lost.

Some of the team have asked for Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), steak, fried eggs and rice and barbecue pork.

Images of the children in their hospital gowns with their heads bowed low were released on Sunday as British divers involved in the global rescue mission claimed the Thai Navy were "out of their depth" before their crucial intervention.

Deeply saddened by the news, the Thai Navy SEAL team offered their sympathies to Harris. The success of the rescue operation has even stunned its architects - expert divers who battled muddy, rushing floodwaters for days to reach the group and eventually extract them. "It's called anxiolytic, something to make them not excited, not stressed", he said at a press conference in Bangkok.

The youngest child, Chanin Wiboon Rungruang, 11, thanked the Thai Navy SEALS "for your support".

The mission was "an order of difficulty much higher than anything that's been accomplished anywhere around the world by any other cave diving team", said Stanton.

The father of the Wild Boars Captain - 13-year-old Dom - hailed the divers as heroes.

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