Donald Trump Meets Vladimir Putin In Finland: Highlights

Rosenstein 12 Russians charged with hacking

Mueller indicts 12 Russians for hacking in the 2016 presidential campaign

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs retweeted Trump's message, adding simply, "We agree". This was after he tweeted earlier that Washington's "foolishness and stupidity" was the reason for bad relations.

Meanwhile, Putin is using a newly designed Russian limousine overseas for the first time to get to the summit with President Trump.

It was an extraordinary press conference closing out the Trump-Putin summit, in which the American president delivered what amounted to a warm embrace to the man who for years has been isolated by the USA and Western allies for Russia's activities in Ukraine, Syria and beyond.

Rothkopf said the secrecy was "disturbing", given the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 USA presidential campaign, and last week's indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers accused of hacking Democrats. "And, frankly, many countries owe us a tremendous amount of money for many years back, where they're delinquent, as far as I'm concerned, because the United States has had to pay for them", Trump was quoted as saying during the summit. "I think we've all been foolish", Trump said. "We have 90% of the nuclear and that's not a good thing, that's a bad thing, and I think we hopefully can do something about that because it's not a positive force, it's a negative force, so we'll be talking about that among other things".

USA intelligence agencies have said Moscow was aiming to help the Trump campaign and harm Clinton's bid.

Fueling European concerns about the meeting, when Glor asked Mr. Trump who he considered to be the biggest foe, he answered, "Well, I think we have a lot of foes". Trump and Putin finally entered the Gothic Hall in the Finnish presidential palace at 2:10 p.m.

But Trump has insisted it is "a good thing to meet", as he attempts to replicate with Putin the sort of personal rapport he proclaims with the autocratic leaders of China and North Korea.

Until the leaders met, the agenda of the talks was unclear but Trump said their discussions would involve trade, the military, missiles, nuclear weapons and China, including their "mutual friend" China's Xi Jingping. Trump, hours before the indictment was made public, complained about the Russian Federation investigation hours, saying the "stupidity" was making it "very hard to do something with Russian Federation".

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Shortly before the summit opened, Trump was asked if he would press Putin over Russia's alleged manipulation of the 2016 election that brought the mercurial property tycoon to power. "The Russian state has never interfered and has no intention of interfering in the USA elections", said Putin's foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov. Trump did not respond; Putin appeared to smirk.

"Russia, if you're listening", Trump said, "I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing". "And we can't take ... on face value anything they tell us".

The meddling fits a pattern of Russia interfering in other elections on its periphery, and the Justice Department issued a detailed indictment of Russians that states their names, pseudonyms, and cites the times they hacked and emailed individual Democratic staffers.

The event today will also try to warm relations between Russian Federation and the USA since the annexation of Crimea by Russian Federation in 2014.

One of the Russians probed election websites in Iowa, Florida and Georgia, looking for vulnerabilities just days before the November election, the indictment charged.

"The fact that we're having a summit at this level, at this time in history, is a deliverable in itself", he said.

Even before Trump and Putin sat down Monday, Russia's government signaled that the two leaders were on the same page.

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