Latest Uber Update Adds New Features That Make Pickups a Lot Easier

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The first of such tools, called 'Spotlight, allows riders to turn their screen a specific color, so as to flag down their driver in a crowded location. The idea was that you select a color in the app, and that color will light up an Uber logo inside the driver's auto - and your phone screen will display the same color, so you can hold it up to help your driver spot you. Schedule a ride in advance and it will get to you on time. In these instances, Uber's on-time guarantee comes in handy. What's more, both drivers and passengers can take advantage of pre-populated messages such as "I have arrived". "And as we're exiting the vehicle he said, 'Welcome to the resistance!'" Stranded at the gas station, Godbey and his companions hailed a new Uber which got them to their destination.

Uber is launching guaranteed pickup windows where riders can be assured their driver will arrive on time.

The feature builds on another feature Uber rolled out past year, called Beacon. And in case your driver does not show up at the scheduled time, Uber will give you a $10 credit that you can use towards your future trips.

The firm is also building on its in-app messaging tool by giving riders the option to send pre-written messages.

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That's when the driver reportedly pulled over at a gas station and told them to get out of the auto, insisting that he had the right to deny them service.

Additionally, you can now add a detail or instruction in the app, like "Come to door 4" or 'I'm wearing a red hat'.

These features are part of Uber Moving Forward, a campaign focused on demonstrating the ride-sharing services continued changes and focus on product improvements that can best serve users. All the messages sent by the rider will be read aloud by the Uber app to the driver.

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