Roku is going beyond TVs with its new wireless speakers

Roku speakers

Roku wants to grab audiophiles with its new wireless speakers for Roku TVs

Since this is its first foray into home audio, Roku says it wanted to focus on rolling out the speakers to one set of products first.

But perhaps most important aspect of the speakers is that Roku can sync them perfectly with TVs that run its OS. They're not considered the best TVs, but Roku's software is better than the default smart TV interfaces on most sets. There's also a puck-shaped remote called Roku Touch. Roku's speakers just connect to your TV, no other equipment required. The Roku TV Wireless Stereo Speakers are stereo satellites that wirelessly pair with TVs that use the Roku TV interface, like the TCL 6-series and Element Roku TV. Once paired, they can stream any audio from the connected TV.

"Optimized" in this sense refers to the software-improved audio quality: automatic volume leveling will boost lower audio in quiet scenes and lower audio in loud scenes (and in booming commercials), and dialogue enhancement will improve speech intelligibility.

Roku says it doesn't plan to sell the speakers in retail locations.

It's also taking this angle as Roku continues to fight for share in a smart TV market that is also being targeted by Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) with its Android TV platform, Inc. Included is a simple point-anywhere remote control that works with both devices.

The bundle - which includes two new RF remotes, a mobile and a stationary one - won't be available until October, but it can be pre-ordered for $150 for a limited time over on Roku's website. There's also a press-and-hold talk button that lets you speak commands to your TV, even if you're not in front of it. "This is going to be a better streaming experience and your movies are going to be more enjoyable". Believe it or not, I have a smart Samsung TV, but I don't connect it to the internet. Why?

Roku TV Wireless Speakers
Roku Speakers Roku Touch new remote that controls both speakers and TV Roku

With the wireless speakers, the hassle of wires, receivers, and a million remote controls disappears.

Roku has announced its latest home entertainment product. We haven't had the chance to hear Roku's new speakers in action, so we can not comment on quality yet, but the proper balance of audio quality and price will be key to the success of Roku's Wireless Speakers.

The speakers are a clever move by Roku on a couple of levels.

Roku, which makes some of the best streaming stick and boxes out there, is trying something new. The speakers themselves are small rectangles (sitting vertically like a Sonos One) and come in a pair, along with two remotes.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers are a standard 2.0 system.

Roku (ROKU) is moving beyond televisions and streaming devices with its first wireless speaker bundle. Those who order between today and July 23 will be able to snag a bundle for $149.99, while those who order between July 24 and October 15 will pay $179.99. Beginning October 16, pricing is $199.99.

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