Facebook turns 'blind eye to unsafe content', early investor says

Facebook moderators accused of turning blind eye to under-age accounts

Facebook protects far-right activists even after rule breaches

Facebook, however, said it will remove Robinson's page if he repeatedly violated the site's community standards.

Dispatches showed that during training sessions, moderators were shown a video of an adult man punching and stamping on a toddler.

When dealing with a graphic violent post, moderators are told that they have three options - to ignore it, delete it or mark it as disturbing, which places restrictions on who can see the content.

One moderator is recorded saying: "If you start censoring too much then people stop using the platform. It's all about money at the end of the day".

Facebook have removed the content since Channel 4's revelations.

The process, called "shielded review", was uncovered by Channel 4 Dispatches, after the documentary series sent an undercover reporter to work as a content moderator in a Dublin-based Facebook contractor.

Facebook said it will also introduce Spanish and French versions of the app.

The report also found that instances of hate speech, including a comment directed at Muslim immigrants to "fuck off back to your own countries", were allowed to stay on the site.

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The post goes on to reiterate how Facebook creates and enforces its policies, and how its content moderation teams operate, noting that Facebook is doubling the number of people working on its safety and security teams this year to 20,000, including over 7,500 content reviewers.

In the programme, Facebook's vice-president of global policy solutions, Richard Allan, admitted that the investigation had "identified some areas where we have failed" and he apologised.

Mark Zuckerberg's former mentor has claimed Facebook permits risky content because it is like "crack cocaine" for web users.

However, the group's chief executive Lorraine Higgins said today: "Based on the revelations from Channel 4 Dispatches documentary last evening, we have chose to suspend our partnership with Facebook until further notice". And that political debate can be entirely legitimate. "We take these mistakes in some of our training processes and enforcement incredibly seriously and are grateful to the journalists who brought them to our attention", said Allan.

According to the Business Insider, these Facebook groups make no attempt to hide catalogs brimming with the latest blockbusters like "Ant Man and the Wasp" and "A Quiet Place".

Channel 4 spoke to Roger McNamee, an early Facebook investor who has become a critic of the company over issues including the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Britain First's Facebook page was eventually banned in March 2018, nearly six months after it was deregistered as a political party and a week after its leaders were jailed for a series of hate crimes against Muslims.

Facebook said it doesn't agree with all the claims in the documentary, but added: "We have been investigating exactly what happened so we can prevent these issues from happening again".

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