Leadership rival Boris Johnson delivers harsh speech attacking British PM’s Brexit strategy

How Brexit is becoming a political disaster for Britain

Brexit: Theresa May hit by more resignations as Boris Johnson pushes ‘global Britain’

Boris Johnson, the face of the Brexit referendum who resigned as foreign secretary in protest at Theresa May's proposal for leaving the European Union, warned her government must reverse course to seize the last chance for a clean exit from Europe. "We have time in these negotiations - we have changed tack once and we can change again".

Parliament voted 307 to 301 against an amendment to trade legislation that would have required the government to try to negotiate a customs union arrangement with the EU if, by 21 January 2019, it had failed to negotiate a frictionless free trade deal with the EU.

He was quoted by the Telegraph as saying: "Theresa May has got a lot of great qualities - I am not sure if it is the right leader at the right time".

The ex-foreign minister said he was unable to support the Chequers plan and is happy to be speaking out against it.

Meanwhile, one of her MPs has called for a government of national unity to sort out Brexit - comprised of Plaid Cymru, the SNP and "other sensible, pragmatic" MPs.

The Uxbridge MP made a point of praising "her courage and her resilience" and indicated that he thought she could lead the United Kingdom to a successful Brexit if she was willing to change tack.

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The former London mayor, who has made his ambition to be prime minister clear in the past, told parliament he backed May but then savaged her Brexit policy saying it would leave Britain in a "miserable, permanent limbo".

Earlier on Monday, Johnson became the third government official to walk away from the government over Prime Minister Theresa May's soft Brexit plan which has angered many Conservatives.

Asked if now was the moment for Johnson to lead the country, Bannon, who was sacked by the White House in August 2017, said: "I believe moments come". The initial referendum euphoria of Britain realizing its own Independence Day was soon obscured by “a fog of self-doubt.” Instead of riding high on the flooding tide of fortune, Mr. Johnson bemoaned, Britain “dithered” and “burned through negotiating capital.”. “We need to take one decision now before all others – and that is to believe in this country and in what it can do.” Brexits far-flung friends are “fully expecting us to do what we said and to take back control.”. That turned out go mark the beginning of the end of Britains first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the influential European Research Group of Tories and a potential rival to Mr Johnson in any future contest for the party leadership, hailed the Commons statement as "the speech of a statesman".

Nor has been lost on Fleet Street that Mr. Johnson stood near to where another former foreign secretary, Geoffrey Howe, gave his resignation speech in November 1990.

And Wes Streeting, a supporter of the People's Vote campaign for a second referendum, said: "Boris Johnson's speech was a total damp squib".

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