Cyclist Ignores Lift Bridge Warnings, Falls into the Gap

NBC News Channel

NBC News Channel

A woman has been treated for facial injuries after trying to ride her bike on a rising drawbridge in the USA.

As the video continues, the woman and her bike disappear in the gap between the road and the raised bridge.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation surveillance video shot July Fourth shows the woman ignoring the barrier and red flashing lights at the bridge in Menasha, and apparently not noticing that it was already cranking into action.

ABC's WBay reports that the bridge operator had also been alerted about the incident and stopped the bridge from getting into full open position. More than a minute later, people come to her aid, one checking her condition, another appearing to phone for help.

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'The barriers are meant to stop vehicles and bicycles and she actually ended up striking one of them with her arm as she went through.

She was rescued moments later by onlookers who pulled her and the bike out.

Police said that she was subsequently taken to hospital to be treated for facial injuries.

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