Microsoft's Major Nelson backtracks on promise of 'new Xbox hardware' at Gamescom

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GETTYXbox Two could be unveiled at Gamescom

As The Verge points out, we were never going to see a next-gen Xbox this year, as that milestone device is reportedly scheduled for 2020. Considering the fact that it wasn't at E3 2018, Gamescom may just be the ideal place to debut the controller, with hundreds of thousands of visitors in attendance. Now Xbox owners can get in on the fun, because the Ultimate Game Sale is live on the Microsoft Store.

GERMANY'S GAMESCOM is usually a showcase for, you know, er, games, but Microsoft will apparently reveal new Xbox hardware at the event. Microsoft confirmed today that it will be at Gamescom next month, and it teased some of the items it'll have on display. If you don't count the staggered feature launches with new hardware, that would make this generation of console for Xbox last seven years. The live stream will be broadcast on Tuesday, August 21st at 10:30 AM ET.

The all-new hardware is probably a new controller, the Xbox Elite 2, details of which have been leaking out. More importantly, though, is that it has a lineup of "25 games across a diverse range of genres" to show at its booth during the show.

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This won't be the first time that Microsoft isn't organizing a press conference at Gamescom - back in 2016 the company also ditched its media briefing.

While new console bundles aren't exactly exciting - especially if you already own an Xbox One S or Xbox One X - the new accessories comment does have our attention. We'll find out when Microsoft holds its event on August 21 at 7:30am PT.

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