Fortnite: Battle Royale passes $1 billion revenue milestone

Fortnite 1st Birthday

Funko is Making a Bunch of Fortnite Toys

Starting July 24th, players will have the ability to earn special birthday cosmetics by completing birthday challenges and in-game quests.

The data shows that Fortnite saw its largest spike in players early this year, and at the time, many speculated that the free game was simply experiencing a fleeting moment of hype that would quickly dissipate.

Dance at different birthday cakes to unlock the Happy Birthday! That's why developer Epic Games is throwing a party of sorts in celebration of the game's milestone. You can also earn tickets to spend on Birthday Llamas which can drop heroes and weapons from every event in Fortnite over the past year. Enemies in the game (called husks) will also be in on the action, with certain husks carrying exploding birthday cakes as you defend your forts. Playing 14 matches will net you 5,000 XP, and dealing 1,000 damage to opponents will get you an emoticon of a birthday cupcake.

July 24th is #Fortnite1st Birthday!

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Complete the Fortnite Birthday questline in Save the World and earn the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero!

While it's not necessarily stealthy, which can be a really important quality in a Battle Royale game where you need to avoid conflict until you stand a good chance at winning, it still looks hilarious.

7, players will be able to complete a set of three birthday challenges in Battle Royale mode to unlock birthday-themed cosmetic items, new character skins and other goodies. That's according to a new report by SuperData, which estimates that the game has generated more than $1 billion in revenue across all platforms.

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