Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening this week

The eclipse will not be visible from North America

Saudi Arabia to witness 21st century's longest total lunar eclipse on Friday

For those in the Middle East and Madagascar, the eclipse will occur about midnight, and people in Europe and Africa will have the best view between sunset and midnight.

Scientists say the reason this Friday's lunar eclipse is especially long is because the moon is passing nearly directly through the central part of Earth's shadow.

As it lines up with the Earth and sun, the rising full moon will darken and change from silver to rusty or awful blood red.

On July 27 late night, the Full Moon would be close to its apogee, the most distant point from the Earth in its circle around the Earth, and it would be the littlest full moon of the year. This will persist until 2.43 am, after which the Moon will begin to move outside the Earth's shadow.

The total lunar eclipse will begin on Friday, July 27, and end Saturday, July 28. However, the Greeks believed in the scientific understanding of the eclipse and how the Moon passes directly behind Earth and into its shadow. The eclipse will be noticeable from nations in Central Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Australia.

The total eclipse will begin at around 8.30pm in the United Kingdom on July 27 and finish at 10.13pm. The moon will turn into a dark glowing red disc, which is from the sun's rays passing through Earth's atmosphere and being filtered by it.

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'The sun's red light is scattered much less by air, and is bent by the earth's atmosphere in a process called refraction, travelling all the way through it to light up the moon's surface.

"In early days experiencing a total lunar eclipse would have felt like the end of the world". This is the lunar eclipse, where the last eclipse we had was a solar eclipse. But hey, we just had a pretty spectacular total solar eclipse, so we can't complain.

The blood moon is upon us, and right now we're going to discuss how and when not to view it best. A Mars opposition is when the Earth lies between Mars and the sun, making the sun and Mars appear in opposite directions as viewed from the Earth.

As if the eclipse isn't enough to hold our attention, Mars will be its closest and brightest to its neighbours since 2003.

The full moon during an Eclipse repainted in a dramatic color.

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