Lunar eclipse: Skygazers await century's longest 'blood moon'

Watch The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century In Singapore On July 28

Don't miss tomorrow's Blood Moon — the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century

The celestial effects of the total lunar eclipse will be visible in all Indian cities including Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Mumbai among other cities. "It's called a blood moon because the light from the sun goes through the Earth's atmosphere on its way to the moon and the Earth's atmosphere turns it red in the same way that when the sun goes down, it goes red".

The interesting fact is that in India, the eclipse, both partial and the total, will be visible in nearly all the parts of the country. The total phase will be end after midnight, while the partial phase will be end at 1:19am, Saturday, finally the penumbral phase will end at 2:28am, astronomer at Qatar Calendar House (QCH) Dr Beshir Marzouk said.

If you were standing on the moon at the time of the eclipse, the Earth would look like a black disk outlined in glowing red.

The longest "blood moon" this century will be closely tracked by Mars through the sky in a double celestial treat of a kind that will not be repeated for decades. It can pass through the outer, fainter shadow, called the penumbra.

The entire eclipse can be viewed from Brunei until moon set at 6.23am, Hazarry said. But there's nothing scary about it. It only reflects the light it gets from the Sun. The light of all the sunsets and sunrises occurring simultaneously is reflected off the moon, making it seem red.

"The red colour depends on the atmosphere at the time, but my suspicions are it will be redder than normal in Sydney because you'll be looking through a thick layer of atmosphere", Prof Coward told AAP.

But it seems the exact shade of red that will appear is hard to guess.

While Canadians won't be able to witness the event first-hand, there are ways to capture it from the comforts of home.

Watch The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century In Singapore On July 28

Speaking in a YouTube live broadcast on his channel, Pastor Paul Begley said the lunar event is a prophetic sign of the apocalypse - and it's already triggering chaos on Earth.

The period of complete eclipse - known as "totality", when the moon appears darkest - will last from 1930 to 2113 GMT.

But there are a couple of extra-special happenings that night.

And last but not least: Mars just happens to be in opposition on Friday night as well.

And finally, there will be a conjunction between Mars and the moon.

If you don't want to tune in for the whole show, I suggest watching just before 3:30.

Amy Simon, a Nasa scientist who will make observations of storms on Mars on Friday, said: "It's giving people a chance to go out and look up and remind themselves that there are other things out there that people often forget about as they run from house to auto".

It will be a spectacular night as the brilliant planet Mars will be near to the reddish-orange glow of the eclipsed moon, both visible with the naked eye.

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