Change it! New Zealand accuses Australia of stealing its flag design

Hagen Hopkins  Getty Images Acting New Zealand Prime Minister Winston Peters

Hagen Hopkins Getty Images Acting New Zealand Prime Minister Winston Peters

Winston Peters, the acting prime minister of New Zealand, has taken another swipe at Australia, accusing it of "copying" the New Zealand flag.

Winston Peters, who is standing in for Jacinda Ardern while she is on maternity leave, demanded that Australia change its flag, which has been flying for almost 65 years, because it is too similar to New Zealand's.

"The flag of our country, which is our for a long time, was copied by Australia".

The New Zealand flag is 50 years older than Australia's and was adopted in 1902, replacing the union jack.

At the time, the New Zealand Labor Party, which was in the Opposition, was fiercely against a change with Peters' opinion not swaying in the two years following.

"Because the programme that we have advocated for getting the neffs off the couch is about getting work for them in the first place".

New Zealand's features four five-pointed, red stars to represent the Southern Cross.

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Kiwis were asked to choose between the current flag and an alternate version that featured a silver fern on a black background and four red stars.

In 2016, when New Zealand held a referendum on redesigning the country's flag, Peters argued that it was Australia that needed a new design. The two flags look so similar that they are occasionally mixed up, and were apparently even swapped for each other at an Olympic medal ceremony in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Bridges said New Zealanders he has spoken to are more concerned about issues such as the economy and healthcare.

'There's a lot that we do for New Zealand'. "However, since Australian political leaders have recently signed to have their own head of state it is Australia that will have to change its flag, and soon". And the stars on the right side of each flag symbolize the Southern Cross constellation, which can be seen in the South Pacific region.

The comment comes after Mr Peters, who is also the country's Foreign Minister, previously slammed Australia for deporting New Zealand nationals without trial.

It is a common belief among New Zealanders that their flag design was stolen by Australia.

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