Trump says he will shut down government over border wall

POPULISTS ON PARADE Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with US President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit in June

POPULISTS ON PARADE Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with US President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit in June

Unnerving fellow Republicans, President Donald Trump declared Monday he would have "no problem" shutting down the federal government this fall if Congress won't come up with more money for border security.

Strategic support on Libya and the Mediterranean area, and protection of "made in Italy" food products from US tariffs were the key goals of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's visit to the United States, Italian media reported on Monday. But two officials said Trump recognized the political cost of a shutdown before the November elections and had assured staff he wouldn't provoke a fiscal crisis until after Election Day.

Trump said he was willing to meet Iran's leaders without preconditions but did not say what Tehran had to do to have sanctions lifted.

"Italy is an important Nato Ally, a leading partner in Afghanistan and Iraq, and key in bringing stability to the Mediterranean region", the White House said in announcing the visit last month, the new prime minister's first. At a summit in June, Italy's premier came out in support of Trump's suggestion to readmit Russian Federation to Group of 7 meetings - a proposal that was promptly shunned by the other leaders.

"I agree very much with what he's doing on migration and illegal immigration, and even legal immigration", Trump said.

Left unsaid was the larger number of close allies President Trump has angered and alienated, including the president of Mexico, the prime minister of Canada, British Prime Minister Theresa May, French president Emmanuel Macron, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Conte, a soft-spoken lawyer with no previous political experience, was a consensus choice after two right-leaning populist political movements led results of Italy's March 4 election.

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The rate rise decision followed a unanimous 9-0 vote of the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee , chaired by governor Mark Carney . This initial reaction appears to be correct, but the subsequent selling pressure will certainly have burnt some hands.

Just last week Trump hosted European Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker for trade talks.

Trump noted Monday that he and Italy's Giuseppe Conte were "both outsiders to politics" when they began their campaigns.

On trade, the new Italian government's skepticism of multinational agreements could complicate Trump's desire to see all European Union customs tariffs eliminated, according to Ottens.

President Donald Trump and Italy's new premier are stressing what they have in common as they stand side-by-side at the White House at a joint press conference.

Meanwhile, in the defense realm, Italy has said it has no chance of reaching the target spending of 2 per cent of GDP, let alone Trump's stated goal of 4 per cent at the latest North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

But a certain point of disagreement will be Trump's standoff with Iran - and the sanctions that hurt Italian-Iranian commercial relations.

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