Bison’s Revenge: Chases, Nearly Gores Man Who Taunted Him

Video shows man taunting bison at Yellowstone National Park

Video: Man taunts bison in Yellowstone National Park

Currently Yellowstone Park Rangers are investigating the incident that was captured in this video uploaded by @Lindsey Jones. Realize how privileged we are to have these national parks. However, when the bison walks over to the shoulder of the road, the man continues to follow it and thump his chest with his fists. The man runs away, then spins around and raises his arms. "I was definitely anxious for him!" she said.

As it turns out, the man was able to evade the bison's second charge, and shortly thereafter, the large animal can be seen walking away.

As you might imagine, eventually the bison charges at him, and while he narrowly avoids getting hit, the footage has still landed him in hot water.

Herbert did not comment on whether the man could be issued a citation. One of those people was Reinke, who rangers drove to Helena, where he was booked into the Yellowstone Jail without bond, according to the National Park Service release.

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Superintendent Dan Wenk is quoted as saying: "The individual's behavior in this video is reckless, dangerous, and illegal".

We will update you if we get more information about the incident, or if the man is identified. "These distances safeguard both visitors and a remarkable experience of sharing landscape with thousands of freely roaming animals".

"People who ignore these rules are risking their lives and threatening the park experience for everyone else", Wenk told BNQT.

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