Spain, Portugal brace for record high temperatures amid scorching European heatwave



Temperatures in the shade of 47 degrees Celsius are forecast in parts of Extremadura and there is a chance Europe's highest ever temperature recorded - 48 degrees Celsius in Athens - could be broken.

A building heat wave in Portugal and Spain threatens to topple national and all-time high temperature records in a continuation of a series of remarkable heat waves that have roasted the Northern Hemisphere this summer.

Highs are expected to reach record-breaking temperatures in inland areas this weekend.

"People with heart and lung conditions, older people and young children can all struggle in warmer weather as their bodies find it more hard to cope with higher temperatures", O'Connell wrote.

In Europe Meteoalarm weather group has already released a "red" alert - classified as a very hazardous and risky to life - for the greater part of southern Portugal and Badajoz in the West of Spain.

Weather says the current forecast for southwestern Spain and southern and southeastern Portugal is 47C (116.6F) on both Friday and Saturday.

This particular heatwave is due to "a plume of very dry, hot air from Africa", according to Met Office forecaster Sophie Yeomans, with much of Europe being hotter than usual for the time of year.

A large part of Portugal has been placed on high alert by the country's Civil Protection Agency as hundreds of firefighters battle a wildfire in the southern Algarve region.

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Ladbrokes also cut odds on August highs beating Britain's 38.5C (101.3F) record, set on August 10, 2003, at Brogdale, Kent.

The record of Spain at 47.3 degrees Celsius was set in July previous year.

Spanish and Portuguese temperatures will remain above 40 Celsius at least until Sunday, and could rise 2 or 3 degrees.

Hot air blowing in from Africa is turning Europe's tourism season into a cookoff, a kind of relentless sauna bath that is melting Sweden's glaciers and ruining crops for farmers.

While back in the United Kingdom another blast of hot weather is set to hit Portsmouth and the South East.

"I've been here in the summer but it has never been this hot".

Heatstroke kills three people in Spain as the most severe heatwave grips the continent with temperatures touching a scorching 45 degrees Celsius in some areas.

. Meteorologist Dean Hall said: 'We could see temperatures of 29C, 30C in London tomorrow, probably somewhere like Kew Gardens or St James's Park.

Following its hottest July in 250 years, rain showers gave Sweden some respite on Saturday across most of the country.

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