Will you attend Trump's rally in DE next week?

Twitter is run by Democratic donors and activists

Modal Trigger Records show Twitter has sought to influence Congress on behalf of Democratic causes. NY Post composite

Pat Tiberi is shockingly close - and that "doesn't bode well for the Republican party".

Trump is set to hold a rally in OH this weekend for congressional candidate in the state, Troy Balderson. This, he argued, will inevitably have negative consequences, and damper the Republicans' chances in November. But in the general election, Democrats all hate Trump and among Independents he's mostly upside-down.

"So what is your magic light sword in the primary becomes an anchor around your neck in the general", he continued. "It really doesn't bode well for the Republican party because this... shouldn't even be contested". Trump meant to give his endorsement to OH state senator Troy Balderson, the Republican nominee for the seat.

In a late-night tweet, Trump derided the intelligence of one of the nation's most prominent African-American men.

"It's like a Stalin trial now". "If you wore the collectivist tie, you're out of order".

Be prepared for higher EMIs after twin RBI rate hikes
Nearly all (96%) of new mortgage loans are offered on a fixed rate, usually for the first two or five years. Banks tend to push through rate rises on mortgages immediately but are much slower to raise savings rates.

The president laid blame squarely on Congress's doorstep, saying, "Our weak laws that have been given to us by weak people in Congress", and, "The Democrats have been disgusting on border security, and many of them are standing there and sitting there and agreeing with me 100 percent".

This appears to be particularly evident on fiscal issues.

President Donald Trump is predicting a "tremendous victory" for OH state Sen.

"What happens is they get lost in our country and in some cases, these are not people that you want in the country", Trump said of so-called "catch-and-release" practices by which suspected illegal aliens are often allowed to remain in the United States while their cases wind through the woefully overburdened immigration courts.

Trump's comments aimed at the Kochs came days after the brothers' network criticized the president for creating division at home and escalating trade wars overseas.

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