German couple jailed for selling son to predators on darknet

FREIBURG GERMANY- AUGUST 07 ATTENTION EDITORS Pixelation done in accordance with court orders. Defendants Christian L. and Berrin T. arrive for their pronouncement of judgement on charges related to sexual abuse of a minor at the regional cour

Image The pair have been jailed for 12 years

Among them: In March 2017 the boy was removed from the home after it was found he was living with Christian, who as a convicted pedophile could not have contact with children; the courts didn't speak with the boy but rather sided with his mother and returned him.

They were accused of having sexually assaulted the boy - who was nine when their trial began in June - as well as pimping him on the darknet for more than two years.

Photographers take pictures of the a man and a woman in the court in Freiburg, southern Germany, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018 before they were sentenced to long-term prison sentence for for offering the 9-year-old son of the woman for raping by pedophiles. The girl, who had mental health issues, had on several occasions been given to the 48-year-old woman by her mother to care for her.

During the trial, it emerged that the couple had sexually abused the boy themselves for at least two years.

A German woman and her partner have been convicted and sentenced to years in prison for repeatedly raping the woman's young son, then selling him for sex on the darknet.

Even experienced police officers dealing with child abuse cases said the case was like nothing they had ever seen.

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Local authorities in Germany have been accused of failing to protect the boy, who now lives with a foster family.

The 33-year-old was also ordered to pay 18,000 euros to the young victim.

Police arrested the couple a year ago after being tipped off by an anonymous person.

Lais admitted on the witness stand to the assaults on the boy.

In his verdict, Buergelin said Taha went along with the abuse at first so she would not lose Lais as a partner and later "for financial motives".

Roerig also noted an official bias presuming that a mother would never sexually assault her own child, despite the fact that an estimated 10% to 20% of abusers are female.

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