Israel stops activist vessel, detains passengers; Gaza teen dies from Israeli fire

Two Palestinians including teen martyred in Gaza protests

Israel Begins Deporting Detained Freedom Flotilla Activists

United Nations officials have called for the blockade to be lifted, citing deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian enclave run by Hamas where 80 percent of the two million population are dependent on aid.

Protesters demand the "right of return" to their homes and villages in historical Palestine from which they were driven in 1948 to make way for the new state of Israel.

It said a tank fired at a Hamas military post in Gaza after Palestinians briefly crossed the frontier and threw bombs.

Some flew kites with burning rags attached - a tactic that has widened in recent weeks, with the aim of setting fires in Israel, and has drawn Israeli retaliation. Israel has struggled to counter the arson assault, but has increasingly carried out airstrikes on Palestinians preparing to launch incendiaries, killing or injuring those involved. The Kerem Shalom border crossing would then be opened, allowing the transfer of essential supplies from Israel to Gaza.

The protests on Friday occurred a day after a senior Hamas delegation arrived in the Gaza Strip from Egypt to discuss a possible cease-fire with Israel and resume internal reconciliation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Hamas leaders living overseas is visiting Gaza to hold a meeting with Hamas leaders in the Strip.

9-Year-Old NC Boy Selling Lemonade Robbed at Gunpoint, Deputies Say
Authorities believe the teen left a bicycle and walked to the lemonade stand before the robbery. "Criminals are very bold". The 9-year-old set up his lemonade stand again at the neighbourhood pool on Sunday and did a brisk business, Smith said.

Husam Badran, one of the visiting Hamas leaders, said "we want to break the siege on Gaza once and forever". Last month, an Israeli soldier was killed by a sniper.

It said that since September 2000, citing security concerns, Israel has tightened restrictions on Palestinian access to land located along the northern and eastern side of the perimeter fence in Gaza, which have fluctuated over time.

Forces responded to the violence with standard mob dispersal methods and when circumstances dictated, live fire "in accordance with appropriate rules of engagement", the IDF spokesperson added.

Palestinian medics carry a wounded man during clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza-Israel border, east of Gaza City, on August 3, 2018.

Two farmers have also been killed in proximity to the fence since 2014 and at least 26 have been injured, excluding the over 155 killed and 17,000 injured by Israeli gunfire along the border fence in the March of Return demonstrations that started on March 30. Hamas has acknowledged that dozens of those killed were its members.

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