Meghan Markle has reportedly planned a 'secret USA reunion' with her dad

Julian Parker  UK Press via Getty Images

Julian Parker UK Press via Getty Images

Meghan - who was born in Los Angeles - now lives at Kensington Palace in London with her husband Prince Harry and, since their wedding nearly three months ago, she's really thrown herself into her new role and has been carrying out duties all over the country.

But while no one can deny the duchess looked lovely on the day, royal-watchers were quick to question the decision to wear black to a summer wedding-especially considering the sweltering temperatures over the weekend.

She may be the newest member of the royal family but Meghan Markle is already being trusted to take on some of the biggest roles in the house of Windsor. 'That means we can't hear what she is saying.

Last month Mr Markle provocatively claimed that Princess Diana would have "loathed" the way he was being treated by the Royal Family.

While, Meghan looked stunning in the black shirtdress, she managed to grab eyeballs with her choice of outfit.

PGA course a bomber's paradise: Tiger
Golfers who hit it straight and long will have an advantage, so the bombers off of the tee are another primary focus of mine. It was just a reality that his status as one of the greatest golfers ensured a hoopla of distractions wherever he went.

"It is very remote which is why they like it".

"He worries there is too much hysteria around Meghan and he wants to row back a bit", a source informed Vanity Fair's royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, going on to explain that when the couple returns from a month-long holiday, we might be seeing less of Meghan. "Can you not for once, just stop with the critising, every time Meghan steps out you find something to complain about?" "A reconciliation is completely off the table at the moment", the source said.

Even though she's managed to carve out a career for herself, it's her romance with Prince Harry that has helped make her the household name that she is today.

The outspoken relative of the royal told the Express: "Humanitarians work towards resolve and peace". 'The Royal Family isn't as upset as you'd think either.

The designer opened up about the experience of dressing the duchess: "I think Meghan chose me for reasons other than just a attractive dress - plenty of people can do that". At the end of the day, let's hope she does whatever is right for her.

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