NCAA makes rule change, allows basketball players to have agent

What the new NCAA rules mean for college basketball

What the new NCAA rules mean for college basketball

John Calipari, talking about the NCAA rules changes on SportsCenter, said "None of this goes into effect until the NBA and the Players Association come up with something, and I'm hearing it won't be until 2022 so we're probably wasting our breath dealing with the ins and outs of this".

Pending a decision by the NBA and its players' union, high school players can be represented by an agent beginning July 1 before their senior year, if the player has been identified as an elite senior prospect by USA Basketball.

All player-agent relationships, however, must be in writing, disclosed to the NCAA and ended when the player comes back to school.

Changes in the amateur model promised by the Condoleeza Rice-led commission in the wake of the FBI investigation into shoe companies and college basketball are on the way. Previously, players could declare for the draft, and attend the NBA Scouting Combine, but had to withdraw their name from the draft no more than 10 days after the combine to retain eligibility.

High school and college basketball players can also have agents. Athletes can also take five beyond October 15 after their high school graduation. Multiple reporters began relaying information about the policy, which allows players to hire an agent, go through the draft process and combine, and return to school if they go undrafted.

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Here's to hoping that the NCAA and National Basketball Association can work together to create new rules that make sense for everybody involved.

- Division I schools will be required to pay for tuition and related expenses for men's and women's basketball players who leave school and return later to earn their degree.

The NCAA made a major announcement on Wednesday morning when they unveiled new rules regarding basketball players entering the NBA Draft.

Rice said the vast majority of schools play by the rules but a "win at all cost" approach by others who have been inadequately punished must be changed. "Those who break rules face stronger penalties, including longer postseason bans, longer head coach suspensions, increased recruiting restrictions and additional fines".

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