Suspected Russian spy worked inside United States embassy

Suspected Russian spy found working at US embassy in Moscow: report

Suspected Russian spy worked in the US Embassy in Moscow for 10 YEARS

A suspected Russian spy has been found to have worked inside the USA embassy in Moscow for over a decade, the Guardian newspaper reported.

The State Department officials took until January 2017 to alert the Secret Service, who seem to have been rather lackluster in their handling of the alleged Russian spy with supposedly unobstructed access to sensitive data like the USA president's and vice president's work schedules, internal mail communication and intranet.

The Secret Service has dismissed the report that a Russian employee at the US Moscow embassy, who was reportedly fired after her contacts with the Russian intelligence came to light, had access to secret data.

A female employee came under suspicion following a routine security sweep by the State Department - it found she was having regular unauthorised meetings with the Russian intelligence agency FSB.

A senior administration official told CNN: We figure that all of them are talking to the [Russian intelligence agency] FSB, but she was giving them way more information than she should have'.

Her dismissal came during tit-for-tat expulsions of diplomatic staffers by the U.S. and Russian Federation, a move that provided cover.

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"Only an intense investigation by an outside source can determine the damage she has done", the source concluded.

The source also said that this suspected spy had access to "the most damaging database, which is the U.S. Secret Service official mail system...."

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It said: "At no time, in any US Secret Service office, have FSNs been provided or placed in a position to obtain national security information".

Asked detailed questions about the investigation into the woman, and her dismissal, the Secret Service attempted to downplay the significance of her role.

"She did not have access to highly classified information", the official said.

The State Department declined to comment, saying they "do not comment on allegations related to intelligence or personnel matters, and we have no information for you on this alleged incident". Per the Guardian, the woman had access to the Secret Service's files and emails and was even able to see Barack Obama's schedule, as well as those of former presidents and their spouses, including Hillary Clinton.

"This is of particular emphasis in Russian Federation".

The statement added: "As such, all Foreign Service Nationals are managed accordingly to ensure that Secret Service and United States Government interests are protected at all times". As a result, the duties are limited to translation, interpretation, cultural guidance, liaison and administrative support.

As per report, the RSO sounded the alarm in January 2017, but the Secret Service did not launch a full-scale inquiry of its own.

All non-American workers are vetted and employed by the State Department before being assigned work by different agencies.

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