Texas student takes grad photos with 14-foot alligator

Senior takes graduation photos with one of her ‘best friends’ — a giant Texas gator | The Wichita Eagle

Gator grad: Aggie takes graduation photos with 14-foot alligator

With graduation a highlight for many students, it makes sense to get fun and creative with graduation pictures.

Noland wore her school colors, Texas A&M sash and graduation cap for the shoot, which took place in the middle of Big Tex's swamp.

Noland said she'll graduate Friday in College Station, and she hopes to find a job at a zoo in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Makenzie Alexis Noland celebrated finishing Texas A&M by giving the 13 foot, eight inch reptile an affectionate bump on the nose - and shared the moment on Facebook afterwards.

"I get in the water with that animal every day - he's one of my best friends there!" she said, dismissing concerns for her safety. According to her social media posts, the animal, who can be fussy about who feeds him, first let Noland do so back in May and they have now become friends. In another, she pets the gator's snout. "However I'm sure you know that however trained a 14 foot gator is, it's still a wild creature and it can kill you, accidentally or not".

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"Tex is the one who let me into his pond".

But Noland didn't take her photos with Big Tex just for the fun of it.

This is big Tex the largest alligator we have at Gator Country measuring 13ft 8.5in. "When I'm telling Tex to "come here" using a hand motion I will reward him, tickle his nose and toss food in his mouth".

Since posting the photos to social media, Makenzie has gotten feedback from some people who love it - and some people who think it's insane.

It remains to be seen whether we're on the cusp of a graduation pic fad, and more young people will be inspired by Noland and the other viral posers.

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