Hundreds of ‘shooting stars’ will light up the sky this weekend

Perseids 2018 Annual Perseid meteor shower

Perseids 2018 The bright fireballs might erupt at a rate of 50 to 60 an hour

A glorious display of Perseid meteors is set to light up the skies over the United Kingdom on Sunday night.

The Perseid meteor shower peak happens from August 11-13 with the night of August 12-13 expected to be the best time to watch, according to Faherty.

This meteor shower and others can be seen in a time lapse from space in an interactive map provided with data from NASA Ames Researcher Peter Jenniskens.

This year, the show will be particularly great, since there's a new moon August 11, meaning there'll be practically no moonlight to interfere with the show. Records of the meteor shower date back nearly 2,000 years.

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"Preparations have been finalised where visitors can lay back and relax to watch the complete Perseid Meteor Shower from our desert Majlis setting, without the need or use of any special equipment or telescopes, though visitors are free to choose whether or not to bring one", said Alsuwaidi. However, it's important to set an alarm clock, because the meteor shower occurs while most people are sleeping. "This is very useful, given the Irish weather, when the best night can often be clouded out, but the nights before and after Sunday night i.e. Saturday and Monday nights should still give 10 times more meteors than on a normal night, " said Mr Moore. The Perseids are part of the 16-mile comet Swift-Tuttle's trail of dust, and they're named after the constellation Perseus, according to the American Meteor Society. Some of the best local dark skies are found in the Horse Heaven Hills and foothills of the Blue Mountains. And if you're intrepid enough to travel to a dark sky park, here are some of the absolute best in the United States.

Perseids meteor shower 2018: What is it? Along with the showers, there's also a chance stargazers will catch a view of the Milky Way stretching from the south, along with Saturn and Mars. There are some comets astronomers have been studying for years and they know they have large clumps along the orbit as opposed to a stream of particles.

Perseids meteor shower 2018: When is it?

The summer Perseids originate from the comet Swift-Tuttle. However, with a little planning and some patience, you can get some truly memorable images.

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