Mismanagement hits Iran more than U.S. sanctions - Iran’s supreme leader

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks at the Hussayniyeh of Imam Khomeini in Tehran

Khamenei: Mismanagement More Harmful Than US Sanctions

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticised the government for economic mismanagement after U.S. imposed biting sanctions on the country, Iranian state TV reported on Monday.

Khamenei accused the government on Monday of economic mismanagement and said it needed to improve its performance to help the country better weather newly reimposed US sanctions. Washington reimposed strict sanctions against Iran last Tuesday and President Donald Trump has threatened to penalise firms from other countries that continue to operate in the Islamic Republic.

Despite renewed USA sanctions, many Iranians - including many at the highest levels of the establishment - see USA hostility as only a contributing factor to long-standing problems inside the country. "Beside sanctions, they are talking about war and negotiations", Khamenei said via his official Twitter account in English.

In remarks carried by state television, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said "along with sanctions, Americans have recently raised two more options, war and talks".

Iran's rial currency has lost about half of its value since April in anticipation of the renewed USA sanctions, driven mainly by heavy demand for dollars among ordinary Iranians trying to protect their savings.

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There has been particular concern over the collapse of the rial, which has lost around half its value since April.

State news agency IRNA reported on Monday that Iran is offering oil and gas at a discount to Asian customers in a bid to retain sales.

State media said that 67 officials had been sacked and arrested on suspicion of crimes ranging from corruption to economic sabotage.

Khamenei went on to rule out the possibility of armed conflict with the United States, saying that "war will not happen", according to the AP. "Even if we ever - impossible as it is - negotiated with the USA, it would never ever be with the current USA administration", he added.

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