Mass Overdose Leaves Connecticut Park Strewn with Dozens of Drugged-Out Victims

25 people overdose at Connecticut park officials say

Authorities Say 15 Overdosed In 45 Minutes At Connecticut Park

New Haven first responders were called to a similar overdose outbreak on the Green on July 4, when more than a dozen people became sick from synthetic marijuana.

Paramedics and police officers remained at the park all day and are preparing for more overdoses.

Authorities believe the drug that caused the overdoses is K-2, a synthetic marijuana. No deaths were reported, and most people brought to hospitals have been discharged, officials said.

The number of overdose victims linked to a suspected bad batch of synthetic marijuana has risen to 76 in New Haven, Connecticut, as officials try to determine exactly what sickened people.

Symptoms varied. Many victims lost consciousness, officials said.

71 people suffering from apparent overdoses were transported to local hospitals from the New Haven Green, according Dave Hartman with New Haven Police. "It is taking people out very quickly, people having respiratory failure". Emergency responders rushed to one victim as officials were giving a news conference nearby on Wednesday morning.

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Carol Cruz, a drug counselor at the South Central Rehabilitation Center, went to the green to see if she could help get some of the drug users into inpatient recovery - but she noted that it is hard to help K2 abusers because the drug is usually laced with other substances that may not be known. He said there were a dozen overdoses in 40 minutes on the green on Wednesday morning.

Police believe the person responsible for the overdoses may have been given out free samples of the drug.

The incident comes in the wake of a new report that found a record 72,000 Americans died of overdoses in 2017.

"The substance behind these overdoses is highly risky and must be avoided", Malloy said, adding that state public health officials had delivered 50 doses of Naloxone to New Haven to replenish the supply expended by first responders over the course of the 24-hour crisis. The city also saw multiple synthetic cannabis overdoses in late January. By late Wednesday night there had been no deaths reported.

The CDC said a record 72,000 Americans died a year ago because of drug overdose - about 10 percent higher than previous figures. Some people were unconscious, others were semi-conscious.

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