Nvidia Announces Turing Architecture for World's First Tracing GPUs

NVIDIA Unveiled Latest Turing GPU for Ray Tracing and AI

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang announces Quadro GV100 with NVIDIA RTX technology | NVIDIA Corporation

On the same day, Nvidia announced the first graphics cards that will use Turing, all of which are part of the company's ultra high-end Quadro line.

Jensen kicked off the RTX Quadro cards by showing that now-famous Stormtrooper ray-tracing demo running in real time on a single Turing GPU with its Tensor Cores. The idea of real-time ray-tracing is still new, and partly possible because of Nvidia's dedication to build hardware to make it happen.

Shortly after Nvidia revealed its radical Turing GPU and new Quadro RTX hardware at Siggraph Monday night, the GeForce Twitter account posted a teaser video full of cryptic hints that the long-awaited GeForce RTX 2080 will launch during Gamescom next week.

"Hybrid rendering will change the industry, opening up awesome possibilities that enhance our lives with more attractive designs, richer entertainment and more interactive experiences", he said. "Ray tracing has been the Holy Grail of computer graphics for decades, and once it gets fully understood and investigated, all kinds of new applications will emerge".

These Nvidia Turing based GPUs are the world's first-ever to be able to render Real-Time Ray Tracing. One of the main selling points is built-in support for ray tracing, a next-generation rendering technique that realistically models how light interacts with objects, allowing computer programs to produce cinema-quality graphics in real-time.

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Three new cards were announced, the Quadro RTX 8000, 600 and 5000. The GPUs comes under the Quadro series and is based on an all-new Turing architecture. "Autodesk and NVIDIA are working together to deliver these advancements to the market and we look forward to the new tools and capabilities Quadro RTX will deliver to our customers". Turing can accelerate real-time ray tracing up to 25 times faster than the previous Pascal generation. The focus of yesterday's Nvidia event was to introduce "ray tracing" to its GPU line-up. In fact, Nvidia says it can achieve 10 GigaRays a second at peak.

Turing also features an update to SMs, which is a collection of CUDA cores, similar to how an AMD CU is a collection of streaming processors (or cores).

Applications enabled by the AI-accelerating Tensor Cores include advanced capabilities like anti-aliasing, denoising, scaling and retiming.

"Turing is about to turn the graphics industry on its head". The Tensor Cores will provide speeds of up to 500 trillion tensor operations per second. They will be available starting in the fourth quarter of 2018 on Nvidia's official website.

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