Google Launches Android Go Pie Edition

These are the HTC phones getting a slice of Android 9 Pie

Google Pixel XL users say Android 9 Pie causes quick-charging problems

Google's latest OS update, Android 9 Pie, is heading to a Motorola phone near you. Realising the growing demand for call recording feature, since then a lot many third-party apps offering call recording in Android smartphone have mushroomed. With Navigation Gestures, you don't have to go out and buy a new phone if you want to change the way you use your phone. No matter what chargers users plugged in, including the one that came with the device, the phone still wouldn't charge at fast-charging speeds. According to impacted device owners, their Pixel XL smartphones no longer fast charge after installing the latest Android update, forcing them to charge at normal or slow speeds.

Google Go now offers the ability to read webpages aloud and highlights each word so you can follow along. A quick search on the Play Store reveals several hundred call recording apps, so it is a highly requested feature.

Now that Android 9.0 Pie is official, the burning question of our time is when will your particular handset be updated to this latest version of Android, if at all? It was created to run on devices with less than 1GB of memory, with a range of apps with a smaller footprint but similar functions - called "Go editions" or "Lite" by third party developers pushed through Google Play. The Android 9 Pie ended the breach that was used in previous versions.

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Assuming that you're following proper legal procedure with your recording, one alternative method is to simply record the call externally, with a digital voice recorder.

Another phone that experienced issues after the Android Pie update is Pixel's 2017 successor, Google Pixel 2 XL. Are you looking forward to the Android Pie update?

This way you will keep running the version of Android that you now have and avoid the Android Pie update on your Pixel XL until Google addresses this issue with a fix. Currently, due to the lack of a solution to solve the problem, Google has postponed the issue "for consideration" for a future Android update. All three of these handsets were launched in 2018 and run the Android Oreo and they all are powered by one or another Snapdragon chipset.

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