Elon Musk says 'the worst is over' for Tesla

"This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career."Image ROBYN BECK AFP Getty Images

The WSJ recalls that Elon Musk has made bold predictions for Model 3 production, but real production numbers fell short of these until this June, when Tesla finally ramped up the weekly production of the Model 3 to 5,000.

An emotional Elon Musk has revealed the past year has been "excruciating", with the "worst yet to come" in his personal life.

In an tearful interview with The New York Times, Musk said this has been "the most hard and painful year" of his career. It claims the board is aware that he uses "recreational drugs" and Musk himself admits to frequently relying on Ambien to sleep.

The SEC could fine Tesla millions, even billions, for Elon Musk's August 7 tweet he had "secured funding" to take the electric auto maker private. An announcement like taking a public company private is typically delivered with detailed plans, and if a company says funding is secured, it should be secured. The Securities and Exchange Commission will be most interested in his acknowledgement that his market-moving Tweet about taking Tesla private was not reviewed by the board or anyone else before he fired it off.

His social media antics have raised eyebrows as he berated analysts and falsely accused a cave diver of being a pedophile after the man was sceptical about a mini-submarine Musk sent to possibly help rescue young football players from a flooded cave in Thailand.

Get Data Sheet, Fortune's technology newsletter. That boosted share prices to almost $380, but also spurred questions about Musk's Twitter comment that the funding for the maneuver had been "secured".

Tesla stock dived by more than 8.9 percent in trading today, putting the firm on course for its worst day week since February 2016 when shares slid by 15 percent.

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Some company directors have expressed concern about Mr Musk's workload, as well as his use of the sedative Ambien, the paper said. Musk says that he came to this figure after deciding he wanted to offer a 20 percent premium on current stock prices which would have come out around $419, a number Musk rounded up to $420. There's a reason for the word 'stoned.' You just sit there like a stone on weed'. But he cryptically added, "if you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know". The CEO told The Times he expects "at least a few months of extreme torture from the short-sellers", who he believes are intent on seeing Tesla fail. "If we work really hard, I think maybe we could do that in three years".

"You can love the company, you can love Musk and hate having him be the CEO at this point". The stock market is weighing the viability of Tesla's business and Musk's notion of taking his $60 billion company private.

Yet there may be hope for this billionaire still: Tesla board members are reportedly searching for a No. 2 executive to help take some of the weight off Musk's shoulders, the Times reported.

Amid the frenzy over Tesla's future, production of the pivotal Model 3 sedan - which has frequently kept Mr Musk at the Fremont factory overnight - is now defying the odds and going well.

Musk is giving us a better picture of the toll this has all taken on him.

In addition to his CEO roles at Tesla and SpaceX, Musk is the founder of a tunneling venture called the Boring Company; co-founder of Neuralink, which is working on brain-computer interfaces; a co-founder of OpenAI and the inventor of the open-source Hyperloop rapid transit concept.

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